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Each individual story, photograph and piece of memorabilia placed in this digital time capsule helps build an even richer tapestry upon which to celebrate the spirit of Wayne State — a spirit that has stood the test of time and changed the world for 150 years. Upload your pivotal moment to the capsule by sharing your photos, videos, audio clips and more.

Choose an item to upload. Image: JPG, 1MB Max Video: MP4, 100MB Max Audio: AIF or MP3, 100MB Max

Time Capsule Submission

(e.g., 999 Wayne State Way, Detroit MI 48180)
Through upload of your pivotal moment into the capsule, you are granting Wayne State University and any of its affiliates to use your content in the way and format of their choosing which is not limited to marketing, internal communications, external communications, among faculty and students, and for the purpose of showcasing the university. Your agreement now means that request for later removal from the time capsule at any date, will be at the express discretion of Wayne State University or its affiliates.

Once your Pivotal Moment has been submitted, allow time for our team to start the archival process. Due to an excess of submissions, your pivotal moment will not appear immediately on the site, but will be subject to a review process and then archival into the time capsule gallery. All submissions are subject to review. Upon approval all time capsule entries that are archived in the capsule will be numbered and displayed in the gallery.